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  • Aureus POS Intro

    Are you struggling to manage your bullion and collectibles business with generic point of sale systems? Aureus POS is here to help. Our software is specifically designed for bullion and collectibles businesses, providing a tailored solution that simplifies your daily operations and enhances your bottom line.

  • Aureus POS overview – 12/2023

    Maximize your business with Aureus POS. Seamlessly connect your website, eBay, & Collectors Corner to simplify online order management.

  • Aureus Inventory System

    Want a point of sale and inventory management system where you can see all of your inventory real time? Are you a bullion, numismatic, paper money, or scrap jewelry buyer? Aureus POS solves all of this and gives you up to the second inventory information.

  • Buying Numismatic Coins Quick and Efficiently

    Bullion, Coin, and Paper Money dealers. Record all of your transactions quickly and efficiently and see you items in real time on all your Aureus linked sales channels.

  • Listing your items on eBay

    Want a single system to not only record all of your transactions but automatically list your items on your Aureus built website, eBay, and Collectors Corner / Certified Coin Exchange. See this video and explore our point of sale system to make you life much easier.

  • How many days have your coins been in inventory

    Want to know how long each of your numismatic coins or paper money notes has been in inventory. The answer is quick and easy if you use the Aureus point of sale system.

  • Form 8300 $10k cash payments

    Aureus point of sale allows you to see which clients you need to file the IRS form 8300 when they have triggered the $10,000 cash reporting trigger.

  • Looking at your ebay listings

    Want to know which of your coins are listed on eBay in addition to your website. Aureus point of sale has a report to monitor that as well as giving you the flexibility to edit the listing or delete it.

  • Payables and receivables

    Want to see who owes you money and who you owe money to? Aureus point of sale has two reports to see just that.

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