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Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.

Aureus POS was the vision of our founder who looked at the bullion and coin industry and realized that there was not a product to assist retailers to not only record their buy and sell transactions, but to create a system to further help manage clients, increase marketing opportunities, and simplify reporting and bookkeeping.

It was also obvious when looking at the landscape of bullion and coin dealers that the need for a complete remake of the online image and presence was desperately needed. Efficiencies needed to be driven out of the management of the business in order to help improve profitability as well as increase sales. As such we believe that having an integrated, easy solution would appeal to both the tech savvy and the tech-fearful. We do all the heavy technology lifting so that you do not have to.

Initially, our product will dramatically improve our client’s brand and online image. Increase the ability to manage sales, pricing, and clients.

Aureus POS has even bigger plans over the coming months and years. Our goal is to not only help small retailers compete in and ever increasing online world, but to expand the market for all aspects the bullion and coin dealer market. Those retailers that embrace these changes, will not only survive, but prosper.

Discover our team

  • Daniel Barrett

  • Florin Miu

    Lead Developer
  • Carmen Jitaru

  • Tom Barrett

    Head of Sales and Marketing

Aureus Point of Sale also has a 6 person team of full time developers creating new functionality, fixing bugs, and driving our product to new heights.

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